The Board of Governors consists of members who are either appointed by the Local Authority (LA) or drawn from members of the teaching staff of the school as well as there being parent and community governors. The Chair of Governors is elected on an annual basis by his/her peers on the Board. Board members normally serve a four year term of office. The role of the Board is to monitor and advise. To this end, governors are members of one or more of the following committees: Finance, Curriculum, Health and Safety, School Promotion and the Nursery committee. These committees report to the full Board of Governors which meets three times a year. Each governor is also ‘linked’ with a subject area within the school curriculum and is expected on occasion to sit in on classroom activities to gain a better awareness of classroom life and work of the pupils. Day to day running of the school is in the hands of the staff and the governors have an overall managerial role. The full governors meeting takes place 3 to 4 times during the year and the other individual committees also meet 3 to 4 times a year.

Governing Body

  Dr. I. Hilton Chair of Governors  
  Mrs. J. Reast    
  Mr. G. Hutton-Attenborough    
  Mrs. S. Allen    
  Mrs. C. Wallis      
  Mrs. J. Barlow    
  Mr. R. Welford    
  Mrs. K. Smith    
  Mr. J. Medlyn    


Mr. B. Metcalfe    
  Mrs. C. Thomas    
  Mrs S Geary    
  Mrs S Caine    
  Mr. M. Brodrick Clerk to Governors